Açai Mango Dessert

Açai Mango Dessert

Indulge your guests with this simple but amazingly tasty dessert. 

Serves: 2, Preparation time: 5 mins 



Açai layer

2 bananas, sliced and frozen

1 pack açai purée (100 g)

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

1 tsp maple syrup


Mango layer

1 large very ripe mango

1 lime zest

lime juice to taste


thyme flowers to decorate



For the mango layer, peel the mango and and blend the pulp with lime. Add lime juice to taste. Set aside. 

For the açailayer blend all the ingredients together.

In two glasses layer (or marble) both mango and açai and top with delicious thyme flowers.


Note: the mango layer can be made in advance and stored in the fridge, while the açailayer is best freshly made.

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